We believe that the future of investing is fractional. We help investors to own fractions of Properties and Equities.

Why Fractional Ownership?

Low Ticket Size

Prior to fractional ownership platforms, unless you were a high net worth individual or a large institution, there was no easy way to invest in premium properties & startups. Our low ticket size of AED 2500 now gives you easy access to high-quality asset classes within a few clicks.

Curated Investments

Our investment team identifies & scrutinizes every project to ensure that all the due diligence is in place for a sound investment with high returns & capital growth.

Asset Class Diversification

Where most investors end up buying residential real estate in their local market or stick to their traditional portfolio of equity and debt instruments, FracAssets gives them the access to diversify their investments across multiple Locations, Asset Classes & Industries.

High Returns & Passive Income

Investors can earn returns in the form of: Dividend Income or Rental Returns, Capital Appreciation and Currency Appreciation.

Currency Diversification

With FracAssets, you can now avail and benefit from exposure to a diversified currency portfolio. Currency Diversification reduces the foreign exchange risk involved in investing in only one or two currencies.

Hassle Free Investments

One of the biggest advantages of Fractional Investments is to be able to invest in huge properties and never have to deal with frozen pipes or troublesome tenants.

Our Curated Investments

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